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Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

A better way to keep your aircraft flying longer

Ames is an advanced planning and scheduling software system designed specifically for aircraft maintenance. It is an easy-to-use, functionally rich, browser-based system that enables the proactive management of the business of aircraft maintenance while maintaining compliance with regulatory and engineering mandates.

Ames provides results to your maintenance organization that positively impact the bottom-line. It will:

Optimize Schedule

Close gaps in your maintenance schedule

Maximize Air Time

Increase aircraft availability

Improve Planning

Add value to maintenance resources

Reduce Overhead

Reduce maintenance organization operating costs

Increase Profitability

Increase sales/profitability of maintenance services

Save Time

Decrease system and process response times

Ames can reduce your maintenance cost by up to 7 figures, depending on the size of your fleet.

Tools for All Phases of the Maintenance Life Cycle






What Your Competitors Are Saying About Ames

Airlines are in the business of flying people, not maintaining aircraft. Ames allows you to efficiently plan maintenance & reduce the number of aircraft required out of the schedule, especially during predefined peak schedules. By doing so, maintenance increases the number of aircraft available to the operation to schedule.

Less aircraft in maintenance means more flying without purchasing and maintaining additional aircrafts.

— Bronya McAdams, Former Director of Strategic Planning (United Airlines)