Special Offer: Presented to Mesa Airlines

 Since 2007, Omega has partnered with Mesa Airlines to provide a reliable maintenance planning tool that optimizes your schedule, reduces your planning hours, and handles multiple “what-if” scenarios needed to make the best financial decisions for your airline. There is no other tool on the market that compares to the planning engine behind Ames. We are confident that we can prove this if given the opportunity!

We are disappointed to hear that after 15 years of planning success, your team plans to move away from Ames. We would like to demonstrate the extraordinary tool you have that saves you time and money.

Over the next 90 days, we are offering a no-risk, free trial of Ames. We have identified three key areas we can provide value to the Mesa Airlines team in 90 days. 


We understand that as maintenance planners, you don’t have time to waste and need quick and efficient answers regarding the maintenance of your fleet. As industry veterans, we know not having proficiency in your maintenance planning system can cause frustration. There isn’t enough time to quickly overcome the learning curve and provide sufficient data to present to upper management. 

NO-RISK SOLUTION: The Omega team will set up Ames according to your desired requirements and provide a 5-10 year maintenance plan that will allow you to make real predictions about the future. With access to IT Support and input from the planning department, we will deliver a maintenance plan in 15 days and prove the value of Ames in the first 30 days.

OPPORTUNITY COST: The benefit of getting timely answers about your maintenance plan, the ability to produce unlimited “what if” scenarios, and loss of revenue gained with an optimized maintenance plan.

ADDED BENEFIT: The Mesa planning team will have multiple scenarios of an optimized 5-10 year maintenance plan that can be presented to upper management – without having to do the time consuming work it takes to develop manually. 


 We suspect the greatest gap is with proficiency in Ames and the training needed to use the system in a way that will deliver the best answer to solve your maintenance challenges.

NO-RISK SOLUTION: Training is ALWAYS free, but we will establish a comprehensive on-boarding training for your team, establish success metrics, and milestones to assure that you are equipped to get the most out of Ames.

OPPORTUNITY COST: Transitioning software costs while you migrate data, start up cost in time and budget to move to new software, forfeit cost savings from optimized scheduling enjoying with Ames

ADDED BENEFIT: The Mesa planning team will have the knowledge and tools needed to create their own optimized “what if” scenarios immediately to present to upper management at any given time. 


We know for a fact that the data fed to AMES from PMI is incorrect and has been for years. We have tried to get this corrected by partnering with previous team members but the data is still negatively impacting the maintenance plan that Ames is able to produce. 

NO-RISK SOLUTION: The Omega team will extract the rec status table from the Mesa Ames server and provide a detailed report of the data that needs to be corrected..

OPPORTUNITY COST: Loss in the ability to naturally identify inconsistencies in data, which is impossible to identify in a spreadsheet. Not correcting this issue could cost a lot of money and could risk compliance.

ADDED BENEFIT: Mesa will have clean data which will be needed regardless of the planning software you all decide to use. After data is clean and maintained, Ames offers push-button structured access to the Mesa planning solution to multiple management levels.

In the past, we have solved multiple issues for Mesa Airlines. 

Miguel Cordero, Mesa Airlines’ Former Heavy Technical Planner said: 

“I like that Ames can track multiple years of data and repeat data, after the initial setup, with little to no additional input. Ames helps me track dozens of tasks for 145 aircraft through the next 5 years and beyond if I chose to.”

“Without Ames, I wouldn’t be able to present my data in a clean way so people outside of my department can understand. And, I would have to calculate task end dates for 145 aircraft including all of the repeat visits. That could take days. Ames does that and continues to calculate automatically as numbers change.”

We recognize there is a new team reviewing the overall maintenance planning process and that this team comes with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We simply ask for the opportunity to perform an assessment to identify any issues or specific requirements and to set up a 90-day proof of concept to demonstrate the Ames difference.

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